The Team

Geoffrey Fox


Geoffrey Fox received a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University and is now Professor of Informatics and Computing as well as Physics at Indiana University, where he is director of the Digital Science Center and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the School of Informatics and Computing. He previously held positions at Caltech, Syracuse University and Florida State University. He has published around 1,000 papers in Physics and Computer Science, supervised the PhD candidacies of 62 students, and received an h-index of 67 along with over 23000 citations.Professor Fox currently works in applying Computer Science to Bioinformatics, Sensor Clouds, Earthquake and Ice-sheet Science, and Particle Physics. He is principal investigator of FutureGrid – a facility to enable development of new approaches to computing. He is involved in several projects, including the eHumanity portal, to enhance the capability of Minority Serving Institutions. A Fellow of APS and ACM, he has experience in online education and its use in MOOCs for areas like Data and Computational Science.

Sidd Maini

UX/Project Manager

Sidd Maini works as a Senior HCI Designer and Engineer at the Community Grids Lab of the Pervasive Technology Institute. He has worked on projects such as FutureGrid and QuakeSim. He was part of a team with Josh Rosen and Marlon Pierce that developed an Audio-Video collaboration tool called AVATS that was used for broadcasting the entire e-Science 2008 conference to audiences around the world. He currently manages and leads projects while wearing different hats - developer, designer, or a system administrator. His latest projects include e-Humanity and the Big Data MOOC. He earned his first MS degree in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management from the Kent State University and a second MS degree in Human Computer Interaction from the Indiana University. He also holds a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Pune, India. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, dancing, and watching movies.

Eric Tsao

Web Developer

Eric works as a Web Developer at the Community Grids Lab since May 2011. He earned his BS from University of Minnesota and his MS in Computer Science from Indiana University. He specializes in back-end development, but often finds himself enjoy coding in HTML/CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. His works include e-Humanity and the Big Data MOOC. When Eric is not attached to his computer, he enjoys hiking, photography and playing ultimate frisbee!

Yishi Yang

UX/Interaction Designer

Yishi Yang is a Interaction/UX designer. Currently he is a second year master student in HCI/d Program at Indiana Univerisity Bloomington.He holds a computer science bachler's degree (from Beijing Jiaotong University, China). His role in this team is a designer, a front-end developer and a video editor. He is interested in user experience and interaction design, espeically design of physical computing and internet of things in everyday situation. You can find more of his work at his portfolio.